May 2, 2018

Why You Should Hire a Home Care Agency for Your Aging Parents

Your aging parents need someone that can watch over them from time to time.

As your parents get older, you may begin to realize that they can’t always do all of the things they used to do with ease. Mobility, memory, and energy can all diminish with age.

But getting older doesn’t mean your parents shouldn’t be able to enjoy many of the activities that give their life meaning. They just may need a little help.

A Home Care Agency can provide many levels of help for your family while allowing mom and dad to have the independence and autonomy that are still so important.

Here are four reasons why you should hire a home care agency to help:

1. Peace of Mind
Many seniors worry that their children will “put them into a home.” Adult children worry about how to coordinate care for their parents with all of their other obligations like their job and their own children.

One of the most important benefits of hiring a home care agency is the peace of mind it can give to all members of the family.

Before you invite someone into your home to assist with your family member’s most intimate care, you want to be assured that they are qualified and trustworthy.

A home care agency will vet them for you, conducting criminal background checks, drug screenings, and skill assessments and also making sure that all of their certifications are accurate and up to date.

2. Professional Assistance

Whether your parent lives in their own home or with you, the time may come when they will require more professional support. Perhaps they need assistance managing their various medications so they do not take them too frequently, or forget to take them at all.

Aging individuals may need support preparing their meals, or going shopping. Some may require assistance with basic hygiene such as bathing.

It’s difficult for adult children to provide this level of care, both emotionally and logistically. If you have a full-time job, you also may not be available at the times when your parent requires special attention.

When you hire someone from a home care agency, they will be able to provide this kind of assistance. They can dispense medication, help with showering and dressing, and perform basic household tasks.

Their professional status often helps parents accept help that can be otherwise hard to accept from their own children.

3. The Personal Touch

Many senior living centers are beautifully maintained with caring staff, but nothing can compare to the comforts of home. Studies show that older people actually do better later in life when they are allowed to stay in their own homes, or “age in place.”

Hiring an aide from a home care agency can allow your parent to stay in their own home.

The one-on-one attention they receive is also more consistent than a circulating staff at a larger facility.

A home health aide often becomes a close friend of all members of the family, watching TV with Grandma and taking her on walks, or playing chess with Grandpa on the porch.

A health aide also becomes a trusted ally for the rest of the family. He or she can alert family members if the senior needs urgent care, or is experiencing certain problems.

The close proximity and rapport that is built over the day-to-day interaction between caregiver and patient can become a precious lifeline for all members of the family as time progresses.

4. Flexibility

Depending upon the needs of your family member, you may be able to find support from a home care agency that meets both their requirements and your budget.

For example, you may only need help for a temporary period while you and your kids go on vacation, You deserve a break, too- and hiring an aide can give you and your young ones a well-deserved respite if you have been your parent’s primary caregiver.

You may have an irregular work schedule which prevents you from caring for your parent on weekends or some days of the week. An agency can help you find a caregiver with a schedule that meets your needs.

Hiring an aide for a limited number of hours a week is certainly more economical than the expense of boarding your parent in a senior living facility. If you have a limited budget, you may wish to extend the amount of time your parent can stay in his home or yours as much as possible and postpone moving them to one of these more expensive facilities.

Over time, however, you may see that your mother or father requires more attention. A caregiver who formerly visited a few hours a week may no longer be enough.

If your aide is unable to provide additional hours, an agency should be able to help you add more time with another person, or find a suitable arrangement for you.

Sometimes home health aides become 24 hour-a-day assistants, and may even provide support for end-of-life care.

Home care agencies can also provide help if the time comes when you feel you need to research live-in facilities. They will be able to advise on senior living options and the best practices for preparing your loved one for the transition.

A Home Care Agency: Personal Attention for Mom and Dad

Watching one’s beloved parents get older is a bittersweet time of life, but there is no reason it should be tragic. There are so many ways to make their lives easier so that they can spend their time on what brings them joy.

It should not be a time of stress for the rest of the family either. That’s why hiring an aide from a home care agency is imperative: aides can help family members enjoy their parents’ senior years without worrying about the full-time job of caring for them.

At a time in life when every moment is precious, a home health aide can help everyone in the family by taking the pressure off. He or she can take care of the business of life and let the rest of you get down to savoring every moment.