August 25, 2017

Supportive care the way you have come to expect!

We recognize Mandy from CareBuilders at Home Illinois as a G.R.E.A.T caregiver of distinction. Mandy has been with us for about one month, but in this short time she has made a significant impression on our clients and home office team. She was flexible enough to take on a client that required her to initially do two four hour shifts, 3 times per week with a 4-hour window in between. During this time, Mandy was quick to notice issues developing in both the client and his wife and brought it to our home care manager’s attention. While on the surface these appeared to be minor they were in fact life threatening issues and our client’s loved ones recognized their significance given our teams ability to quickly communicate and develop a plan of action.

With Mandys, assistance we have been able to address the issues. Further, she’s won the hearts of our clients which has given us the opportunity to work with them even more. Throughout all this time, Mandy managed to support us with another client and has again won them over with her attention to detail and ability to address issues promptly. We are prou to have Mandy on our team. Mandy is living our CareBuilders at Home values every day and we thank her for all she is doing!

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