August 25, 2017

Care Coordination Seamless the CareBuilders at Home way!

Last Friday morning, a woman called our office to inquire about service for her husband who is an 80-year-old, with a double amputee. He needed care on Saturday and Sunday for two weeks. This client has had a few non-pleasant experiences with home care services in the past and was looking for a company with different priorities. We went out and did the assessment and we started the service on Saturday morning. During the assessment, she mentioned that she was still in need in other shifts and wondered if we can cover them. We let her know that we would be more than happy to assist with those shifts if she so desired.

Throughout the weekend, we provided top notch service that we always strive to provide. The family was very pleased with the level of care provided and the overall service. She requested an additional shift on Monday morning which we filled. On Tuesday morning, she contacted our office and asked if we can start staffing 24/7 ASAP. Of course, the answer was absolutely. We started to provide service for the overnight shift that very evening. We have a great staff lined up for her and we are positive that the family will be pleased with the service provided.

This level of care is only possible with our team of dedicated field staff.